Nürnberger Weininseln 2015 – Wir sind dabei!

Am Samstag dem 26. September finden die Nürnberger Weininseln zum zweiten mal statt. Auch dieses Jahr gibt es zwischen 12 und 20 Uhr ein attraktives Programm an insgesamt 15 verschiedenen Standorten. Ein Shuttlebus sorgt in diesem Jahr für die gute Erreichbarkeit der abgelegeneren Inseln.

Wir sind dieses Jahr wieder dabei und stellen unsere Weine inn der Inneren Laufer Gasse 35 in Nürnberg vor. Dort findet ab 20 Uhr auch die Abschlußparty statt und ab 12 Uhr steht der Riesling Bulli von Balthasar Ress vor dem Ludwigs. Später kommt dann auch noch der Foodtrucazu. Wenn daß mal nicht gute Gründe sind im Ludwigs vorbei zu kommen!

Mehr zu den Weininseln findet Ihr hier:

Ich freue mich auf Euch!

Thomas Plackner

10 Best Dusk To Dawn Lights For Outdoor Security 2020

Outdoor flood lights are used everywhere, whether it’s a private house and garden, office, all sorts of buildings no matter what their use is, public places like parks and so on. Their primary use is for safety and security. Occupant sensors can automatically turn off the office lights when no one is in a room. That Was Costco Outdoor Lighting Fixtures, Hopefully it’s useful and you like it. That Was Best Led Flood Lights For Home, Hopefully it’s useful and you like it. It is why you should figure out lamp efficiency before installing outdoor lights.

The $120 price tag is still a lot higher than less powerful options, but is very reasonable when you consider the brightness and quality. It became the top choice Exterior waterproof led flood lights for handy lighting tools during night work. Motion sensors are a handy way to save power, especially when you?re using solar or battery-powered lighting.

This outdoor Wall mounted indoor led flood lights is available in broad colors which give off an accumulated 16 tone color. LED bulbs are totally devoid of any toxic chemicals like mercury which can detrimentally effect the atmosphere. URPower solar light is the best sensor light for lighting the location like your backyard, porch, pond, driveway, garden, patio, deck, veggie patch, or any other outdoor location.

There are plenty of outdoor LED lights for that purpose as well. Whether you need to increase security around your home, create a relaxing ambiance on your porch, or simply light up your sidewalk, you can find the best solar best outdoor led flood light light to fit the bill. One of the best in the market right now is Hulppre, a solar flood light that is durable, economical, and is made from the highest quality material, making them worth the investment for your home.

It occurred to me once I got there that I should probably be buying something other than incandescent, given the proliferation of CFL and LED alternatives; they use dramatically less energy, and theoretically, they can last a lot longer. A motion sensor light is a very friendly „welcome home“ when you approach your rig after dark and can provide a level of security by illuminating the area when someone else approaches.

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