No security in afghanistan until drug production becomes stronger

No security in afghanistan until drug production becomes stronger. And you know, as we know from our history. So I’m hopeful we will see much more of this growth as soon as possible.“

So does this mean that more Afghanistan is on the way?

„Yeah,“ he said. „You look at the history. There was, to be honest, a lot of bad behavior in Afghanistan, as well. That just doesn’t happen in countries in which there’s more resources and better resources and better governance. It’s a little bit different here and certainly with drugs. The history of Afghanistan is one where they’ve made progress on heroin, but they haven’t made it on other drugs because they’ve made it on more violent drug production like narco-trafficking. What they’ve made it on — the heroin epidemic has gotten bigger and harder to contain because it’s not going to be destroyed by one military strike or one drone strike.“

You mentioned that you believe there will be more U.S. troops involved in Afghanistan. What would be a military operation in Afghanistan?

„I would have to discuss with my Secretary of Defense or President Obama what will be necessary and how much I am going to push for and what percentage of the total military force we are going to send. I wouldn’t want to send more than 30,000 troops. That would be a small percentage, because the U.S. forces are already well stretched out in Iraq and Afghanistan, but to increase that many U.S. forces would have significant costs and costs to the military. We’re going to need a larger number in particular in countries like Pakistan and Afghanistan, where더킹카지노 it’s more critical that the Afghan security forces be armed with enough force to be able to combat the Taliban insurgency. That’s going to be a real challenge.“

Ahead of your speech in Phoenix, you had a chance to talk to several current and retired Navy SEALs. What do they have to say about you?

„All of them are supp바카라ortive of the U.S. and for the president’s decision to send a small number of special operations forces there and a greater role. But there are certain concerns around what’s going on, especially with the Afghan secu더킹카지노rity forces. They’re trying to build up security in the country against al-Qaeda, which is a threat and a challenge. We’re worried that, as far as we understand it, al-Qaeda is more likely to continue growing and that al-Qaeda is looking to expand and to extend its reach from Afghanistan int