Judd fit to play magpies‘ chief executive Tom Jones

Judd fit to play magpies‘ chief executive Tom Jones. He was also elected a local councillor in 2004 and served as a councillor for five years until being elected to the Upper Hutt electorate in 2008.

He received one of the biggest cheers of the night with his wife Carol, and he said of the audience of more than 3,000 people who showed up on Thursday night: „That was wonderful. I think about the people who came up and said ‚how’s it going, what do you think‘ and I think they really appreciate that, especially our kids. I wish they’d come up today.“

When asked if they would be voting Labour again, he was confident that the electorate would stick with Labour.

„When we did the survey we asked voters who voted Yes, No or No No, we didn’t ask ‚how would they feel if Labour’s winning?‘ The vote is going to turn out.“

Jones and his family are currently looking into a move to Sydney, as they seek an upgrade to their accommodation, and it was a sentiment shared by several members of the audience.

„It’s a big shock, a big shock. It’s very disappointing we missed out on Auckland and it’s the kind of big vote that we need to have right across New Zealand.“

For most of the night, the people of North Hutt applauded every move of the candidates for government and were keen to hear who they could see as the opposition. However, t우리카지노he audience took a different view, particularly when it came to Labour leader Andrew Little.

Mr Jones said if people weren’t worried about Labour being a minority government, there were probably more interesting candidates out there to support.

„We don’t want him out there just trying to raise money and try to get on an election campajarvees.comign. We want the people to understand that he’s not going to turn off the lights when he talks. He needs to know he’s an alternative leader, he needs to know we need a different direction.“

For a candidate like Mr Jones, that was a promise he was proud of.

„He’s one of the most articulate candidates you can find. In the next election we want to be running in all of these areas where they are in disarray, whether they’re in Dunedin, Whangarei or parts of Auckland.

„If I get elected as mayor of Otago you’re going to have to see the best of the best i더킹카지노n your city, we’ve got a wonderful team at Labou