Conditions applied to cousins wafl return

Conditions applied to cousins wafl return

As stated in the introduction (Article 14), the above conditions are relevant only to wafl returned on arrival in Austria and the rest of the European Union (EU). To obtain their return, such wafls are subjected to the same conditions as were applied to other articles for which their condition was noted on entry into force.


When applying this provision in Austria, it is important to emphasize that wafl returned to the EU would have to be examined by an expert and would 바카라사이트be subject to certain conditions.

On arrival, wafls have to be inspected by an Austrian expert, a foreign or domestic professional, who is not an employee of the EU, and who also has no direct role in the design of the wafl.

The experts examining the wafl can include an expert on metal or plastic construction, an expert in the design of the wafl, a member of an art-mall, or any other persons and will usually be authorized by the European Commission to carry out this function.

When the experts are satisfied that the wafl meets all conditions, they decide whether to refuse the return or to return it with a condition that prevents it from being processed for export in accordance with Article 15.

They will only do so if they find that the quality of the wafl is less than what is required for sale and if any damage has been caused, or the protection from contamination given for an earlier return had been violated or the conditions were not met.


When applying this provision in Belgium, it is important to stress that in order for a wafl to be declared returned to its country of origin (or the equijarvees.comvalent in any other Member State), it has to be given a condition that permits it to be shipped out of Belgium as soon as it can be exported (without any additional inspection). To achieve this condition, the wafl will have to have been inspected by a German company authorized by the competent authority in Germany and by an expert designated by the competent authority of the country of origin. At no time, including after entry into force of the notification for the return, is a wafl that has been returned to its country of origin treated as a „reserve item“, unless such wafls were in transit in the country of origin for more than 7 weeks before their arrival and the return could not have been carried out without access to the country of origin authorities.

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